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Early to Rise

Despite my early bedtime, I’m still tired today!  Maybe I need to up my Vitamin D supplement now that its fall?  Another day or two like this and I’ll be putting a call in to my doctor…

Breakfast contained another first for me….

IMG_3163A Nature’s Path Hemp Plus waffle, toasted and topped with almond butter and pumpkin butter. And….

IMG_3166My very first “Green Monster.” I know, I know, its pink instead of green, but blame that on the raspberries!  This one contains a big handful of spinach, a handful of frozen raspberries, 1/2 vanilla fat-free soy milk and 1/2 skim milk, and ground flax. I think I’ll be having more green monsters in my future…

In other news, I planned some extra meals into the menu this week.  I’m hoping to make a bunch of foods from whatever is in season now, freezing it, and having it to reheat when local produce becomes scarce and exams, etc make me too busy to cook.

So what can you expect to see this week?

Do you have suggestions for other dishes I can make and freeze for winter?


September 28, 2009 at 9:14 am 5 comments


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