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Guest Post: Top 10 Fitness Tips

Good morning, everyone!  I am so glad to have Jessica guest blogging for me today!  I recently started following Jessica’s blog, and I’ll be trying some weight training based on her tips soon.  Here she lists her top 10 fitness tips:  read on!

What’s up savvy eaters?

I’m Jessica from How Sweet It Is. My blog primarily focuses on the sweet treats I love to bake, and you won’t find me using any of the ‘fake’ stuff in those goodies. I am a firm believer in eating in moderation and eating what you love.

I have some extremely sweet teeth and have never, ever been skinny, thin, or any form of those words. My passion for cardio exercise arrived at the young age of 13 after watching my dad work out in our basement for years. About 3 years later I incorporated weights into my routine and completely ‘reshaped’ my body as my mom likes to say. The passion never died and I can proudly say I have consistently exercised for almost 15 years.

Coupling that passion with my desire to help people feel good, I became a group fitness instructor 8 years ago and a certified personal trainer 5 years ago. I have trained over 200 clients and helped them lose 10, 50, and even over 120 pounds – some of which you can see detailed on my blog.

I believe a great trainer can adapt to train anyone – here are my top 10 fitness tips!

10. Work it, girls! (…and guys) Many women are afraid to strength train for the fear that they will become ‘bulky.’ Most are not aware of the fact that the more muscle you own, the more calories your body can burn at rest. It is also impossible to ‘bulk’ up without a surplus of calories. So put on your big girl pants and hit those weights 2-3 times a week.

9. Work it properly! Once you’re in the gym, put your big muscles to good use. Focus on your largest muscle groups and perform compound movements such as squats, lunges, presses, and rows that work more than just one muscle group. To train effectively and efficiently, steer clear of one-limb movements like single arm triceps kickbacks and single arm biceps curls. Save those exercises for the end of your workout or perform them sparingly.

8. Eat up. Protein, that is. This macronutrient will not only help build and retain muscle mass, it will help to keep you fuller, longer. It also works to stabilize blood sugar when paired with a carbohydrate. Your body utilizes protein for maintenance and energy, and should be an essential part of any diet. Protein can be found in meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, beans, tofu and a wide variety of protein powders. Eat up!

7. Be consistent. In order to see successful weight loss in a timely manner, you MUST be consistent with your daily intake and exercise. 3 days on an insanely strict diet, then 3 days eating garbage and being lazy will not give you the results you desire. Make it a lifestyle change – that you can follow.

6. Do what you love. In order to stay consistent, you must love what you do. Find a form of exercise that keeps you interested, excited and yearning for me. There will always be moments when we don’t feel like exercising, but remember how great you feel afterwards! Find a form of cardio exercise that you enjoy, as well as strength training. It could be hiking, yoga or dance – find something you love – not what everyone else talks about.

5. Make every hour happy hour. No – not that way, though how fun would that be?? Water quenches our thirst and keeps us hydrated so we don’t confuse thirst with hunger. It also improves our skin, internal functions and keeps us alert. Set a goal to drink a little more water each day, or replace one of your daily caffeinated beverages with water. Flavor with fresh fruit or veggies!

4. Feel sexy clothed. Work out in clothes that make you confident, and you can be sure to get a better workout. I love to work out in bright, comfortable clothes that make me feel good. My drawers overflow!


3. Eat smart during the week. For most of us, the party happens on the weekend, right? I know for me once Friday rolls around, I am ready for some treats and a nice water-free happy hour. I’d rather have a nice dinner out with the hubs and order dessert on Saturday night than waste my calories on daily donuts at work. Cheap chocolate and store bought desserts will always be there – your grandma’s homemade peanut butter fudge pie won’t be.

2. Don’t blow the weekend! How many of you feel that once Friday hits, it’s a free-for-all? Weekend calories don’t matter, right? Thursday is usually the day that most of my clients would begin to stray from their healthy habits. Stop rewarding yourself with food and treat your body with love every day. Poor eating habits on the weekends do add up. 3 days out of the week, about 12 days out of a 31-day month – that equals roughly five months out of the year!

1. Tune out the media. Find the exercise that works for YOU, and do it! There is not just one right way to exercise. Something that worked for your sister may not work for you. 10 trainers may tell you 10 different things. Commit to a plan and stick with it for 6-8 weeks. If you have consistently stuck to the plan and have not seen changes, then switch a few things up – it may be exercise, nutrition or daily habits. Be honest with yourself. Make a lifestyle change for the better, and don’t feel the need to justify yourself to friends and family who don’t understand. Forget what your best friend is doing, what the radio is saying, and what The Biggest Loser does this week. Stick to YOUR plan, and you should see results.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

What are YOUR workout tips?


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