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30 Day No-Meat Challenge Recap.

Morning, all.  I’m back with food recaps, starting with lunch.  Yesterday was too crazy to have time to blog my eats, but I’m happy to report I crossed many items off my to-do list!

30-Day No-Meat Challenge.

Yesterday was officially Day 30 of my month as a vegetarian.  I experimented with tempeh and tofu and other soy products.  I ate a lot of quinoa, which is a complete protein.  I ate more beans and lentils. I tried new nut butters for a protein boost.  I switched to Greek yogurt, which is higher in protein than regular yogurt.  (As it turns out, I prefer Greek yogurt over regular yogurt most of the time!)

The verdict?  I didn’t really miss meat. On only one or two occasions did I want a dish that contained meat, but I always happily found a vegetarian dish that I would like just as much.  Plus, I liked spending less money on groceries since I wasn’t buying meat, which is pricey.  I don’t think that I will eat completely vegetarian; I will still enjoy the occasional Thanksgiving turkey, chicken pot pie at an Irish pub, gyro, etc.  But, I will keep tempeh and tofu in my menus. And more often than not, I will choose a vegetarian meal over a meat-containing meal.

However, as part of the Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge, I may be doing another month meat-free as one of my 10 “feats.”  This is still to be decided, though…

For another blogger’s recap of her 30-day no-meat challenge, visit The Runner’s Kitchen.


I’ve been needing to ice my shin the past few days, but as there is no room in my freezer to layout an ice tray, I’ve been using bags of frozen vegetables.  But how awesome is this IceOrb from FusionBrands?  Not only is it self-contained and therefore more flexible to use in my packed freezer (I still have 10 pints of raspberries, 1 quart of strawberries, bell peppers, and pumpkin curry soup in there!), but it also serves as storage for additional ice cubes!


My throat and ears always hurt when I run outside in the cold.  It is supposed to be cold during my 5K this weekend.  Suggestions on what to wear??


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