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30 Day No-Meat Challenge Recap.

Morning, all.  I’m back with food recaps, starting with lunch.  Yesterday was too crazy to have time to blog my eats, but I’m happy to report I crossed many items off my to-do list!

30-Day No-Meat Challenge.

Yesterday was officially Day 30 of my month as a vegetarian.  I experimented with tempeh and tofu and other soy products.  I ate a lot of quinoa, which is a complete protein.  I ate more beans and lentils. I tried new nut butters for a protein boost.  I switched to Greek yogurt, which is higher in protein than regular yogurt.  (As it turns out, I prefer Greek yogurt over regular yogurt most of the time!)

The verdict?  I didn’t really miss meat. On only one or two occasions did I want a dish that contained meat, but I always happily found a vegetarian dish that I would like just as much.  Plus, I liked spending less money on groceries since I wasn’t buying meat, which is pricey.  I don’t think that I will eat completely vegetarian; I will still enjoy the occasional Thanksgiving turkey, chicken pot pie at an Irish pub, gyro, etc.  But, I will keep tempeh and tofu in my menus. And more often than not, I will choose a vegetarian meal over a meat-containing meal.

However, as part of the Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge, I may be doing another month meat-free as one of my 10 “feats.”  This is still to be decided, though…

For another blogger’s recap of her 30-day no-meat challenge, visit The Runner’s Kitchen.


I’ve been needing to ice my shin the past few days, but as there is no room in my freezer to layout an ice tray, I’ve been using bags of frozen vegetables.  But how awesome is this IceOrb from FusionBrands?  Not only is it self-contained and therefore more flexible to use in my packed freezer (I still have 10 pints of raspberries, 1 quart of strawberries, bell peppers, and pumpkin curry soup in there!), but it also serves as storage for additional ice cubes!


My throat and ears always hurt when I run outside in the cold.  It is supposed to be cold during my 5K this weekend.  Suggestions on what to wear??


October 2, 2009 at 10:18 am 2 comments

The Little Things #4

Sorry for my lack of posts this morning, everyone.  I was crossing lots of items off my major to-do lists!

IMG_3188Yes, that is part of my to-do list for the next week.  Crazy! Although all those “early” items you see are things I want to try to get done before I go to LA, so it will be worth it. 🙂  This is my master to-do list.  I also have a to-do list just for today, though I just realized it may have been a bit too ambitious… oops!


This to-do list calls for a “Little Things” post, so here we go!

The Little Things That Are Making Me Happy Today.

  1. Getting some much-needed “best friend time” by having a delicious breakfast with Kelley this morning!
  2. Celebrating “Starbucks Friday” a day early.  I needed a change of scenery for my studying!
  3. Awake Tea Lattes with Pumpkin Syrup.
  4. Not having to cancel a huge food order for SWE and thereby give myself way more work to do than I have time for.
  5. Getting to cross things off my massive to-do list.
  6. The fact that I am inside and warm, instead of outside in cold rain.
  7. The fact that plane tickets from Milwaukee (where Kelley will likely live) to where I will likely live are only $200.
  8. Dinner with friends tonight.
  9. Getting a pair of tights so I don’t freeze on Saturday’s bike ride.
  10. The fact that I’m going to L.A. one week from tomorrow!
  11. Being done with logistics issues for SWE for the day.
  12. Finding a potential job lead in the same city that Dan & I are likely moving to.
  13. Eat.Sweat.Blog. starts today!

What little things are making YOU happy today?

October 1, 2009 at 3:56 pm 1 comment

Eight Months…

Eight months from today, I’m getting married! 🙂 Yay!

Workout #2

I had my second of five Pilates Reformer Training classes.  Once I complete all 5, I can take any of the Reformer classes at my studio.  I can already tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow; the Reformer seems much harder than Mat work!!


Yesterday, we found this in the mailbox:

IMG_3176My Kashi cereal sample arrived!

IMG_3177By the time I got home from Pilates & the running store, I was starving and wanted a quick, light meal.  So I went with “breakfast for dinner” and had my Kashi sample with skim milk.  I’m still hungry though, so I’ll be having something else to eat before bed!

It was pretty good; I think I would like the original flavor better than the Honey Flax.  There was nothing inherently wrong with the Honey Flax cereal, but I typically don’t like honey-flavored cereal.  I’ll be buying the original Go Lean Crunch, though; the nutritional stats are impressive!


Kelly posted today about priorities, which got me thinking.  I have a lot on my plate.  To name a few things I have going on in my life (in no particular order):

  • Finishing my degree.
  • Wedding planning.
  • Half-marathon training.
  • Finding a full-time job.
  • Being involved in Society of Women Engineers.
  • Helping teach the freshman engineering course.
  • Interning for MixMyGranola.
  • Spending time with Dan.
  • Spending time with friends.
  • Calling my mom regularly.
  • Meal planning & cooking.
  • Blogging.

Looking at that long list, I don’t know how I’m doing it all, honestly!  If I’m not careful, I could fall behind in some or many of these.  To see where all my time is going and what areas I’m not spending enough time on, I’m going to record where all my time goes for a week.  Next week, I’ll make a list of changes to keep myself healthy and sane as I juggle all of this…stay tuned!


The Eat.Sweat.Blog challenge starts tomorrow!  I have at least one reader interested.  Who else is with me?


You can win some Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and other yummy pumpkin treats here. Check it out!

September 30, 2009 at 9:22 pm 5 comments

Change of Plans

So, remember how I was planning my next beet dish?  Well, Dan and I were starving when we got home and decided we wanted something quicker than that.  In other words, the beet dish has been pushed to tomorrow.  Check back tomorrow night for my report!


Instead, we had


Almond butter, pumpkin butter, & apple slices on a Sandwich Thins, all toasted together. Seriously, love this combo, and it is even better warm!


Mixed veggies.

Popcorn sweetened with a little brown sugar and cinnamon.

Dessert?  The last of my Scharffen Berger chocolate. So sad. 😦

Giveaway Time!

If you haven’t already, check out these awesome giveaways!

1.  Leslie’s Pirate Booty Giveaway.  (I love this stuff!)

2.  Dori’s Fitness DVD Giveaway.  (These look like fun; I want to try them!)


I decided to do the Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge for the month of October.  Basically, you need to exercise for 20 days in the month of October, and complete 10 of their “feats.”  Feats include going without soda for the month, bringing your lunch to work 10 times, volunteering with your local food bank at least once, eating local food for one day, and more!

So, who wants to join me in this challenge?  Let me know!
And finally, I’m looking for some recommendations/recipes for some plane and hotel-friendly snacks for my upcoming trip to California… so leave me a message with your best recommendation or recipe!

September 29, 2009 at 10:20 pm 5 comments


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