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We Won!

Our flight has been delayed by an hour and a half, so I have three (-plus) hours at LAX.  So, I splurged on the $8 Internet day-pass so I could update all of you on my weekend. 🙂

Guest Posts!

First things first, check out my guest post on MegaNerd’s blog, all about meals to eat on-the-go!

Also, check out the guest post that Jessica of How Sweet It Is did for SavvyEats yesterday!

Yesterday’s Eats!

I could not drag myself out of bed yesterday morning for some reason, and there were no workshops I was particularly interested in.  So instead, Wendy, Holly and I went out to breakfast.

There was a cute cafe just a few blocks from our hotel that we wanted to check out.  The service was so terrible, however, that we left.  I hate to do it, but the waitress was very rude, and we would have been there all day. 😦

Turns out, though, that it may have been the best decision of the day, because breakfast was probably my favorite meal of the whole trip!

We went to a little place called Creme de la Crepe, a cute little French place (obviously!)  The waiter, waitress, and hostess were all talking French to each other.  (Which, by the way, reminded me of how much I miss French class.)  I ordered a crepe with nutella and fresh strawberries, along with a fruit bowl.  It all came with real whipped cream.


IMG_3420Heaven.  To die for.  Best breakfast ever.  *Drool.*

The only downside was that lunch was only a half hour after breakfast, so we didn’t eat much of our free lunch.  It worked out well, though, because lunch was only okay.

IMG_3421IMG_3423IMG_3422I ate about 2/3 of the salad, half the roll, all of the veggies, and about 1/3 of the veggie lasagna.  The veggies were good, but I was, once again, not impressed by the rest.  Bummer.  I was impressed, though, that the meal was entirely vegetarian!

Breakfast/lunch was so filling that I never had my afternoon snack.

And then something sad happened.

I was super pumped to go for a quick run between lunch and my next workshop, and was about to pull on my running shoes when I remembered that I had homework due.  I showered with intentions of doing my homework while my hair dried, then logged in to find out that the homework was due last weekend, and could no longer be submitted.

In summary, not only did I miss out on a run in the California sunshine, I also failed to do one of my homework assignments.  Sad day.  Not to mention the fact that I’m disappointed in myself for misreading the deadline earlier.

The day did start to look up, though, when we got all dressed up for the banquet and went to our final session: “The Brand Called You.”  There were some good ideas brought up, but it wasn’t my favorite session.

To kill some time between the session and CelebrateSWE!, we ventured across the street to Border’s, where I bought 3 clearance cookbooks for the price of 2!  My plan is to use them for inspiration, and “healthify” the meals. I’ll post to my Recipes page when I successfully do so. 🙂



CelebrateSWE! was long, but fun.  We started with dinner while watching skits from each SWE regional section (Go Region H-the “heartland” region!) :

IMG_3427IMG_3431IMG_3428The only parts I didn’t eat were the chicken and a 1/3 of the cake.

Oh, and can’t forget the white zin:

IMG_3426Do you like the cute flippy thing the humidity did to my bangs? And our classy cups the wine was served in? 😉

We also ended up sitting with Nora Lin, SWE National President!

IMG_3429Next up, the awards.  We won:

  • Outstanding Collegiate Section, Silver
  • IMG_3440
  • Best Website, Third (Okay, I have no idea how this happened.  Our website was never, ever updated last year, due to some issues with the only officer who knew how to do the coding.  Our section does so many great things, and they choose to reward one of our weak points?  Weird.)
  • IMG_3438
  • Boeing Team Tech, Third Place!! Remember Holly’s presentation on Friday? Out of 7 teams, we got third place!  Which also includes a cash prize… 🙂

IMG_3441Go UW-Madison SWE! 🙂


We had a cute old man as our shuttle driver this morning, and he told us stories the whole way here.

Breakfast included an Awake Tea Latte, oatmeal, and a pluot. And water.  Lots and lots of water.  I know, I know, I wasn’t going to go to Starbucks again for awhile, but they were the ones with oatmeal, which sounded so good!

Here’s hoping our flight isn’t delayed even further!

How was your weekend?


October 18, 2009 at 12:52 pm 2 comments

Coming Soon…. We Won!

Hey everyone,

I’ll be back tonight with a post about yesterday’s eats and the awesome awards we won….stay tuned!

Now, off to the airport!


October 18, 2009 at 9:39 am


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