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A New Love: Fro-Yo

I am officially in love with frozen yogurt.  We may or may not have had it twice today, in fact. 🙂

Kari is always raving about California’s fro-yo, and I didn’t get what the big deal was.  To me, frozen yogurt wasn’t all that different from normal ice cream, because grocery store fro-yo isn’t usually all that special.

I was wrong.  I was very much wrong.  Fro-yo is, indeed, amazing.

There was a little drama when I got here last night.  Kari’s sink completely overflowed gross water all over the kitchen, so we ate out today to avoid that mess.  The plumber came tonight, though, so we’ll be able to cook tomorrow!

By the time we got to bed last night, it was already 3 am (aka, 5 am Wisconsin-time), so we slept in and then did a nice 4 mile run.

Distance: ~4 mi

Time: ~40 min

It is so nice to be able to go out in shorts and a tank top and still be comfortable!  Its about 70  degrees here, but snowed in Wisconsin today!

After a banana, granola bar, and shower, Kari and I set out for Santa Monica and Venice.  We stopped for some quick fro-yo, the first of the day.


A “small” PB fro-yo with Reeses’. Yum! 🙂

We wandered around Santa Monica Pier and the outdoor mall.  There were some fun street performers.  We decided to find a place to eat outside so that we could people-watch while we ate!


This x2.


Half this plate.



I love eating out in California.  It is so much easier to order something healthy when you eat out, without having to ask for too many modifications.  We didn’t have to ask for egg whites instead of whole eggs, or for no cheese or anything.  And it was delicious to boot!

We took a long walk through Venice, which was…interesting.  But fun. 🙂

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at a little Italian place.


My half of our salad.


Our yummy garlic “pizzetta.”  Plus one more piece. A super-thin crust pizza with garlic spread, mozzarella and basil.  The basil was absolutely perfect on this pizzetta!

There was a deal for 10% off at the fro-yo place next door if you brought in your receipt from the Italian place.  Since we were planning on going there anyways, this worked out perfectly for us.


The. Best. Fro-Yo. Ever. Okay, only the second or third time I’ve had real fro-yo, but this was absolutely amazing.  We went to Sweet Harts (owned by Melissa Joan Hart, hence the name), which is a yogurt bar, so we got to sample the flavors before we made our decision.  I got half pomegranate and half plain fro-yo, and topped it with strawberries, a little coconut, and a few white chocolate chips.  It was awesome. I loved the tart flavor of the yogurt, so that it tasted more like Greek yogurt than ice cream.

We’ll be getting more fro-yo in the next few days, for sure.  I have to get my fro-yo fix before I leave!

I’ll be back tomorrow with California: Day 2!


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