Cooking Night

October 6, 2009 at 9:09 pm

So far, I haven’t really found much time in which I’m wasting time when I could be getting some solid work done (Okay, except for the occasional getting-lost-in-the-Internet-and-blog-world time… 😉 )  The main problem is that I just have too much to do!

One solution I have come up with, though, is to do all my cooking at once.  I tend to get a lot done on the weekends and Sunday nights, but often have trouble focusing when I come home for dinner after a long day of classes, work, studying, and exercising during the week.

My solution? Use that weeknight when I can’t focus to do all my cooking for the week.  Right now, I have brussels sprouts roasting in the oven, acorn squash soup simmering on the stove, and rice & beans in the rice cooker.  When the brussels sprouts are done, I’ll make spaghetti squash and do something with my sweet potatoes.

I’ll eat some for dinner, put some in the fridge, and freeze the rest for later.  And for the rest of the week, all I’ll have to do is reheat what I’ve already made!

While I wait for everything to cook, here’s my eats from today:

IMG_3247_1 Whole wheat tortilla with jalapeno hummus, leftover rutabaga fries, spinach and walnuts. The verdict on this new wrap?  AMAZING.

IMG_3248_1A Farmer’s Market pear.

IMG_3249_1 Yogurt. This was only my second time having a Rachel’s Exotic yogurt, and I liked it!

And half a Maple Pecan ProBar to hold me over to my late dinner.

Back later with some new recipes!

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