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The Little Things #4

Sorry for my lack of posts this morning, everyone.  I was crossing lots of items off my major to-do lists!

IMG_3188Yes, that is part of my to-do list for the next week.  Crazy! Although all those “early” items you see are things I want to try to get done before I go to LA, so it will be worth it. 🙂  This is my master to-do list.  I also have a to-do list just for today, though I just realized it may have been a bit too ambitious… oops!


This to-do list calls for a “Little Things” post, so here we go!

The Little Things That Are Making Me Happy Today.

  1. Getting some much-needed “best friend time” by having a delicious breakfast with Kelley this morning!
  2. Celebrating “Starbucks Friday” a day early.  I needed a change of scenery for my studying!
  3. Awake Tea Lattes with Pumpkin Syrup.
  4. Not having to cancel a huge food order for SWE and thereby give myself way more work to do than I have time for.
  5. Getting to cross things off my massive to-do list.
  6. The fact that I am inside and warm, instead of outside in cold rain.
  7. The fact that plane tickets from Milwaukee (where Kelley will likely live) to where I will likely live are only $200.
  8. Dinner with friends tonight.
  9. Getting a pair of tights so I don’t freeze on Saturday’s bike ride.
  10. The fact that I’m going to L.A. one week from tomorrow!
  11. Being done with logistics issues for SWE for the day.
  12. Finding a potential job lead in the same city that Dan & I are likely moving to.
  13. Eat.Sweat.Blog. starts today!

What little things are making YOU happy today?


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