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Change of Plans

So, remember how I was planning my next beet dish?  Well, Dan and I were starving when we got home and decided we wanted something quicker than that.  In other words, the beet dish has been pushed to tomorrow.  Check back tomorrow night for my report!


Instead, we had


Almond butter, pumpkin butter, & apple slices on a Sandwich Thins, all toasted together. Seriously, love this combo, and it is even better warm!


Mixed veggies.

Popcorn sweetened with a little brown sugar and cinnamon.

Dessert?  The last of my Scharffen Berger chocolate. So sad. 😦

Giveaway Time!

If you haven’t already, check out these awesome giveaways!

1.  Leslie’s Pirate Booty Giveaway.  (I love this stuff!)

2.  Dori’s Fitness DVD Giveaway.  (These look like fun; I want to try them!)


I decided to do the Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge for the month of October.  Basically, you need to exercise for 20 days in the month of October, and complete 10 of their “feats.”  Feats include going without soda for the month, bringing your lunch to work 10 times, volunteering with your local food bank at least once, eating local food for one day, and more!

So, who wants to join me in this challenge?  Let me know!
And finally, I’m looking for some recommendations/recipes for some plane and hotel-friendly snacks for my upcoming trip to California… so leave me a message with your best recommendation or recipe!


September 29, 2009 at 10:20 pm 5 comments

It Feels Like Fall

It definitely feels like fall today.  I had to break out the pea coat for the first time this season…brr!

I had a larger lunch today since I don’t have time for a snack on Tuesdays… a “Power Lecture” (75 minutes instead of 50), immediately followed by the 3-hour lab I help teach…

IMG_3171A pear with 2 scoops Fage yogurt + 1/4 c. MixMyGranola

IMG_3172Veggie and bean quinoa from the other night.  Beets dish #2 is coming up tonight…stay tuned!

Apparently, this week is “Beets Week.”  I’m thinking next week I’ll try another new veggie!  Exact one to be determined based on what I find at the Farmer’s Market.  For another delicious-looking beet recipe, check out CookinFanatic’s blog post here!

I’ve had a headache off and on since yesterday, and I really think getting some cardio in will help me get rid of it once and for all, so I’ll be riding my bike on its trainer after class to get ready for the Big Ride coming up on Saturday!  Plus some weights and Pilates while dinner cooks.

Here’s hoping this week’s lab runs more smoothly than last’s…

September 29, 2009 at 1:58 pm 1 comment

Lazy Breakfast

I’m just not feeling breakfast this morning.  So today’s first meal was random and kind of thrown together:

IMG_3169Egg Beaters with chives and a little Parmesan. This was my first time microwaving Egg Beaters, and I was impressed!

IMG_3170A little apple cider.  As you may recall from my field trip recap, this cider contains only apples, nothing else.  I know it isn’t as good as whole fruit, but its still delicious!

And the rest of my pumpkin bar.  There was a little more than 1/3 left.

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday!  I’ll do better today, promise.

Off to the airport to pick up Dan!

September 29, 2009 at 9:09 am


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