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A Long, Wonderful Day

Today was the Longest Day Ever.  However, it was also a fantastic day.

Event #1:  My First-Ever 5K!

IMG_3041About 2 hours pre-race, I ate a bagel with PB, then walked over to the zoo with Kelley, where the run was starting.  Walking all the way there seemed like a pretty good warm-up to me!

IMG_3042Here we are, all ready to go!  We entertained ourselves watching the otter and polar bear at the zoo while we waited.  Kelley also had fun with my camera while I waited in line for the bathroom:


IMG_3046Cute, Kelley.  And way to be sideways.

The race went GREAT!  Kelley and I paced with each other well, occasionally speeding up to keep up with each other, but always running at a fairly comfortable pace.  After the last hill, we apparently both debated in our heads asking the other to walk for a few minutes, but ended up running the entire way.  I don’t know our exact time, but we’re guessing it was around 33-ish minutes. I’m so proud of our run!

IMG_3050Red-faced and sweaty, but excited that we did it!

While we had our post-race snacks, we watched the “Roo Run Run”– aka: the little kids version of the race.  It was adorable:  the 2-year-olds didn’t really get the concept and had to be urged along, but the 3-year-olds were really racing.  So cute.

IMG_3052I refueled with a banana and a Trader Joe’s cereal bar (hooray for Trader Joe’s being a sponsor!)

IMG_3053We walked home, and got ready for Event #2…

Event #2:  Apple Picking with SWE!

I had a quick lunch inspired by Megan’s peach breakfast.  I’ve been itching to try this for days, so when I saw peaches at the Farmer’s Market, I knew I had to get some!

IMG_3054A peach (microwaved with cinnamon) + Last Taste of Summer Granola + appx. 1/4 cup Greek yogurt = yumminess!

I think I’m all set on apples for awhile, and then some… I may or may not have bought 20 pounds of apples for $19–good deal!  I’m also excited to try the Apple BBQ sauce I got there.

IMG_3057Event #3:  Soccer game with the SWE Intramural Team!

On my way out the door, I had half a sandwich thins with 1/2 tablespoon almond butter and 1 tablespoon pumpkin butter, which I also got at the orchard.

We lost again, but we’re getting better! And still having fun. 🙂

Event #4:  SWE Execs Meeting

(Note: Today was a very SWE-tastic day!)  I took a much-needed shower and had a quick dinner before the meeting:  IMG_3060Leftover crab cake salad + green beans and carrots from last night. Still delicious, and the little crab cake was the perfect size.

I may or may not have splurged and had both cake and PB Chex at the SWE meeting… I figure I burned it all off with all that activity today!

Phew, that was a super-busy day!

Question:  Know of any good apple recipes I could make to use up some of my 20-lb bag of apples? 🙂


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