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September 13, 2009 at 10:49 pm

I’m pretty sure I had my favorite bowl of pasta today. Ever.

Before I get to that…

Pre-soccer, I snacked on one of the cookies I made yesterday, and 2/3 of an almond butter & honey sandwich (on an Arnold’s Thin).

You know what I learned today?  I’m not very good at soccer.  Very rarely did the ball come to me during our game, but whenever it did, I didn’t do anything particularly useful with it.  Hopefully I’ll get better as we have more games.  It also probably doesn’t help that everyone else played soccer in grade school, whereas I haven’t played since I was four or five… At least I’m trying, right? 🙂

Pre-run, I tried 6 SportsBeans, which were much better than I expected.

I don’t know why I’ve been so dang hungry today, but it got to the point that I had a headache!  I almost cut my run off early because I was feeling  so sick, but I was bound and determined to get my 5K practice run in.  It was super humid today, and I was glad I decided to run on the treadmill so that my new issues of Women’s Health and Runner’s World come inspire me to keep going!

Unfortunately, I was so glad to have made it through the 3.1 miles, I forgot to look at the time I was actually done.  I’m pretty sure my stats were:

Distance: 3.1 miles

Time:  Just under 35 minutes

Average Pace:  11:40

For most of mile 3, I was running pretty easily at a 11:00 pace, but man that was a hard run!  I know a lot of you out there think nothing of running a 3.1 mile run, and consider my pace to be pretty slow, but I am pretty darn proud of it!

In high school when we had to run the mile for gym class, I remember being pretty proud of my 18-ish minute mile run/walk.  Back in January, when I started running, I could barely run 1/2 a mile, let alone a full mile, at a 15:00 pace.

By February, I was up to a full mile. I remember immediately texting my mom, Dan and Kelley to tell them I had run a full mile without stopping; I was really that proud!

By July, I was down to a 12:00 mile.  Now, I can run a sub-11:00 mile if I push myself.

Next Sunday, I am running my first 5K.  It will be my first race, so I’m running it to complete it, and not worrying about my time.

I’m excited that I can run 3.1 miles without stopping, and that it takes me less than 35 minutes!

Pasta Perfection

After soccer and my run, and the fact that I walked to the soccer fields to the gym and back home (total 30-ish minutes), a plate of pasta sounded just about perfect.  I pulled out the asparagus pasta I got at the Farmer’s Market, and set to work making my own sauce.

It was delicious, and possibly my favorite pasta dish I’ve ever had.  You couldn’t really taste the asparagus in the pasta, but the noodles still tasted delicious!  I love fresh pasta; so much better than dried!

I started sauteing 3 carrots with some extra virgin olive oil.  After a few minutes, I added a sliced zucchini, along with generous amounts of basil and oregano, and a touch of sea salt.  In the last few minutes, I added a handful of spinach and about 1/2 cup of tomato sauce.  When everything was warm and the spinach was wilted, I poured it over the pasta.

Delicious.  Pasta perfection in a bowl:


Quick snack and a bit of work for my internship, then I’m off to bed!

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