September 11, 2009 at 12:46 am

This will be a quick one because I’m exhausted and need some SLEEP, pronto!

I didn’t end up eating the Larabar I packed today because I forgot about the free subs at my afternoon meeting.  I had a veggie sub (no mayo) from Milio’s; it was okay, but I think next time I’ll skip it.  White bread with mostly lettuce?  I like free food, but may have to say ‘no thanks’ next time.

I did have some delicious ice cream sundae-goodness at the Mentoring kickoff tonight though:

IMG_2907Now THAT was totally worth it!

Before bed, I was starving, so I had… you guessed it…. more granola and milk (but this time with a few chocolate chips).  I seriously need to branch out a little!

IMG_2910And a few of the Sweet Potato chips Dan picked up at Whole Foods last weekend.  They weren’t at all what I was expecting… they were way better!  They are essentially thin slices of real sweet potato fried in peanut oil with a little salt.  Delicious, and way less greasy/salty than I was expecting:


I meant to get some weight lifting in tonight, but wrapping up my homework for the week took far longer than expected.  My working out was minimal today (only about a half hour of walking between classes and the apartment), so tomorrow expect some serious biking and weights, and maybe even some Pilates!

Now I’m off to bed for some much needed sleep!


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