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September 10, 2009 at 12:39 pm

IMG_2891Last night’s dinner was leftover taco “meat” with some cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  It was good, but the ground soy reheated weird and got kind of melty.  Not quite sure what that was about…

At SWE, I had 1/3 a brownie and most of a chai tea (both not pictured).

When I got home, I felt really nauseous, and the only thing that sounded good was granola and skim.  Again.  I ate this x2:


Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I felt nauseous 5, 6, sometimes 7 times a day.  Now that I’m on meds for it, it is only about once a week that I feel sick.  Which is good because working out is a lot harder when you keep feeling like you’re going to be sick!

Breakfast this morning was half a smoothie and a ready-made Fiber One blueberry muffin.  The smoothie contained yogurt, skim milk, frozen mixed fruit, a banana and water.  It was very foamy and bland, and the water kept separating out.  I don’t think I’ll be putting water in my smoothies again….

IMG_2899I drank about half that mug.

IMG_2900So foamy, and not very good.  Blech.

Sorry for the late post.  I was prepping last night/this morning for my phone interview/informational call for an unpaid internship… more news to come!


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