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I *heart* granola

Despite the fact that we already have leftovers in our fridge just begging to be eaten, I cooked a huge pot of pasta, veggies, and beans for lunch/more leftovers.  I have a lot of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) meeting this week (aka: 2-3 a night…hello, committee kick-off week), so I know I’m going to want to just be able to throw something in my bag for dinner.  Especially since we now have a microwave in the SWE office, and I don’t have to eat everything cold!

Loosely based off of a Whole Foods recipe (which is no longer on the website, or I would have linked to it), I cooked broccoli rabe, tomatoes, and garlic in some olive oil, then tossed it with a box of whole wheat pasta and a can of kidney beans, and sprinkled it with Parmesan.


While I waited for it to cook, I snacked on a plum

IMG_2847I also made two HUGE batches of granola… apple-cinnamon-raisin granola bars, and chocolate-PB granola cereal (recipes to come).  They are both delicious, if I may say so myself. 🙂

The dry ingredients…

IMG_2852The final product is still cooling… pictures will be up once it is cut into bars!

My afternoon snack, naturally, included some of the granola.  I mixed red and yellow raspberries with some skim milk and the chocolate granola.  Yummy!


We’re also using the granola (not the one with chocolate, of course) to bribe Dan’s birds into being nice to me.  He has two cockatiels, and one of them, Mario, tries to bite anyone who comes near him, other than Dan.  Clearly, this arrangement doesn’t work when Dan is out of town and I’m taking care of the birds… however, Mario’s favorite treat is oats.  We’re hoping if I give him a little granola each day, he’ll learn to like me.  Or at least not bite me…

Any awesome granola mixes you’ve tried?  I like to mix up my flavors each time I make them!


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The fabulous-ness that is the Taste of Madison

Berry picking was AWESOME.  It was our first time at this farm, and the owners were so great.  They highly encouraged that we eat as many berries as we liked while we were picking (and I definitely took them up on that 😉 ).

We came home with 11 pints of raspberries!  Most of them were red, but we also got a pint of yellow and a pint and a half of orange raspberries.  I had never had the yellow or orange breeds before; the yellows are my favorite!  They are a bit more sweet, with a honey taste to them; the orange ones are a bit more tart and citrusy.  IMG_2827

We found a few cute little frogs on the leaves of the raspberry bushes:


11 pints for $2.50 each… a steal compared to the $6-7/pint at the grocery store!

IMG_2834After berry picking and a quick trip to Whole Foods and Penzey’s Spices (my first time to Penzey’s, and I loved it!), we came home to shower and have a small lunch:

IMG_2840Baked green beans (with a touch of chili oil from the Farmer’s Market), blue corn tortilla chips, hummus and baba ganoush.  We knew we would be at the Taste of Madison less than 2 hours later, so we kept lunch light.

Around 3, Dan and I met up with Kelley, Jenny, Amanda and Kim to go to the Taste at Capitol Square. Taste of Madison is when a bunch of restaurants from around Madison set up stands and sell samplings from their menu for $2-4 each.  We’ve discovered some great restaurants and favorite foods through the Taste of Madison because the portions are so small and prices so low that if you don’t like anything, it isn’t a big deal!

I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate at the Taste of Madison, because I sampled bites of everything that anyone in our group bought!  Everything was delicious though! Highlights include Squash Curry from Sai Bai Thong Thai, and chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls from Bluephie’s.  We love the egg rolls so much that we are actually having them at our wedding instead of cake!  I ate an entire egg roll and about half of the Squash Curry (shared with Amanda, picture below), and had a bite or two of everything else!


We also ended up getting ice cream from the Chocolate Shoppe (PB Cookie Dough, yum!), because we are rarely on that side of town at an ice-cream-appropriate time of day.  It was a pretty unhealthy night, but you have to splurge every once in awhile, right?

This morning, I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I just threw together a smoothie with some frozen fruit, YoPlus yogurt, and milk, and drank it out of my favorite mug:


Off to get some homework done, and then get a head-start on my cooking for the week!

Yes, I realize that some of these pictures are sideways.  I can’t figure out how to fix it yet, but I’m working on it!

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