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September 5, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Today started off amazing-ly…

BreakfastTwo slices of whole-grain bread, toasted and topped with Dark Chocolate Raspberry Peanut Butter from P.B. Loco.  I’m so sad they’ve gotten rid of most of their retail locations–their PB is amazing!

Kelley, Jenny and I jogged to the Farmer’s Market this morning.  I’m still a new runner and therefore very slow.  At the beginning of the summer, I was running at a 15:00 pace, and typically run a 12:00-mile now.  Today, though, I think I was subconsciously trying to keep up with Jenny because she was always just a few paces ahead of me.  In doing so, we managed to run the 2 miles in just under 22 minutes!  I’m definitely getting there… 🙂

It feels so good to be back in Madison getting produce in Capital Square!  There were some fantastic cherry tomato and pepper dip samples, too…

Naturally, I had decided that it would be too annoying to run with my water bottle, so I didn’t bring it with me.  I was ridiculously thirsty the entire time we were there, so we stopped at Starbucks on the walk back for a pumpkin spice soy latte.  While I waited for my coffee, I downed a huge glass of water.


I can’t believe I never knew how much better these are with soy milk instead of skim. Delicious!

Today’s Farmer’s Market trip was highly successful:IMG_2797All these veggies (+ strawberries) for a mere $14!  I have no idea how this stand still had good fresh strawberries, since they are bordering on being out of season, but I’m not complaining.

For another $14, I got:

IMG_2798Locally made honey, a mini loaf of coconut bread, and three packages of some amazing pasta.  The pasta is made in Wisconsin with an ingredient list of approximately 6 items.  I am particularly intrigued by the asparagus one… I’ll report back once we’ve tried it.

Today’s lunch was a bit late, but good nonetheless.  IMG_2814The salad contained:

  • Romaine
  • Tomatoes
  • Red onion, which was way too strong and I ended up giving a lot of it to Dan.
  • Little bit of shredded Jack cheese
  • Ground “beef” (aka, ground soy), cooked with taco seasoning.
  • A yogurt-honey-lemon dressing I made just before serving.

It was good, but missing something I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  Or maybe it is that I’m not used to the fake-meat yet.  This is Day 7 of my 30-Days-Without-Meat experiment….

Off to a tailgate, then watching the Badger Game at Kelley’s!


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Go Badgers!


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